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Introducing the “Ascendant Legacy: Extruded Rectangular Memorial,” a distinctive memorial marker with a rectangular shape featuring elegant extrusions at the top, symbolizing elevation, growth, and the enduring impact of your beloved’s life. This marker stands as a graceful and poignant tribute that captures the essence of their upward journey and the lasting influence they made.

Thoughtfully designed, the Ascendant Legacy Memorial honors the profound influence your beloved had on those around them. The rectangular shape with elegant extrusions at the top signifies their growth, elevation, and the enduring impact they made.

Crafted with enduring materials, this marker serves as a testament to the timeless significance of your beloved’s presence. The extrusions and rectangular shape evoke a sense of elevation, growth, and comfort, creating a space for reflection and remembrance that is both graceful and soul-stirring.

Weight 323.8 lbs
Dimensions 47.24 × 23.62 × 3.15 in


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